Power Rake

Snow Removal

Ice Melt / Ice chipping

Do you ever run your fingers through the grass and realize that there is a pile of dead grass coming up? Thats thatch and it is hindering new growth. Get a Power Rake done and all of that dead thatch will be pulled up quickly. And guess what? When we do it, we clean up all of the clippings and compost them for you. 

Those trees are gorgeous but boy do they shed! Get a leaf cleanup from us and we will get rid of those fallen leaves for you. Don't spend hours raking when you can get us to do it instead! Did they end up in your garden beds too? Thats annoying. We will blow those out too so your beds look fresh.

See Packaged Deals for Spring/Fall Cleanups



Lawn Services

It is great to be Canadian! But unless you have found some awesome way to enjoy freezing, then having to deal with snow is less than fun. Our Snow Removal Service is prepaid but is Unlimited. We guarantee that within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling, we will have it removed. And when there is a continuous snow storm, we will come once a day, everyday to reduce the buildup. If you've got ice building up, we'll come back and chip it away as part of your service. If you have exceptionally bad areas, let us know and we can add on Ice-Melt for just a bit more. Check out our Packaged Deals to see how much you can save when booking a Winter Package.

Lawn Mowing

Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Vacational

What do you want your yard to look like? Need a deck or fence? Do you want a nice green lawn or do you want some gardens over there, a tree over in that corner or a path leading from here to there? Whatever it is that you envision for your oasis, for your home and family life or just something pretty for the neighbours to look at, tell us! We can get that done for you! Sit back and watch your vision become reality and start enjoying the property that your home is rooted in to. 


Ugh, what a pain. At the end of a busy day of work or taking care of your kids or just life in general! now you have to mow your lawn because it's looking shabby. All you want to do is sit back and enjoy a cold beverage. Which you should!! You deserve that little break. 

Get some me time back. All you have to do with your lawn this year is call us, one time. We will book you in and thats it!!

All mows are scheduled to a day of the week and will be performed on either a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, unless weather delays. Weather delays will push the mow to the next dry day.​ We will trim around the edges and compost all of those clippings.

Its that simple! Think about how much time you just saved yourself!

Leaf/Garden Cleanup

How's your lawn looking? Patchy, dull, sparse? Have us apply a fertilizer for a great boost to getting it back to that lush green lawn that we all love looking at and sinking our toes into.

See our Packaged Deals for a Fertilizer Package if its really bad.




Is your ground so hard that even grass can't grow and its starting to look like its struggling? Get an aeration! Not only does it decompact that hardened soil but those pellets act like a fertilizer that breaks down and provides excellent nutrients.